Doom is awesome, would have to be my favorite genre as well. It's stupidly underated around these parts though. I especialy like traditional doom, both the older bands like Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Pagan Altar, Candlemass, Saint Vitus, etc, and the newer crop like Cathedral, Reverend Bizarre, Gates of Slumber, Witchcraft.
Sludge and early Death/Doom is great as well.
La mayyitan ma qadirun yatabaqqa sarmadi
Fa idha yaji' al-shudhdhadh fa-l-maut qad yantahi

Raptoral judgement upon all our sins
This placid island of ignorance
I usually listen to PL ,MDB, Anathema ,Cathedral ,Cult of Luna, early Tiamat and I'm currently waiting for the new ND disc.
I truelly enjoy the mood that most doom is filled with ,some great atmosphere which really lets you expirance another side of metal. Surelly one of the greatest sub genres of metal with some very deep lyrics.
You forgot The Electric Wizard.

They are my favourite doom metal band, but I'm biased cos I know them.