Ok I am having a bit of a problem understanding how to get a chord that I want. Right now I am doing the root method for bass guitar. Basicly just playing the root note of the scales. Now I wanna do some chords like the chord for perhaps a major, now I understand the first note is going to be the root of the A major scale. But how do I get the second and third notes? I believe it stated someting along the lines of the chord would be the "root, than third and fifth" to get the chord of any scale. Maybe I have this wrong, hopefully I am clear enough in what I am asking. Now my question is I can find the root note but how do I find the other two?

From what I read it to get the third I would have to go 2 whole steps away from the root note, than moving another 1.5 steps to get the last note. But I am unsure on how to do that considering from what I have seen the notes are not always on the same string.

Hopefully I made this clear enough for some one to understand.
Semitones Interval
0 Unison
1 flat 2nd
2 2nd
3 minor 3rd
4 major 3rd
5 perfect 4th
6 flat 5th (diminished 5th or augmented 4th)
7 perfect 5th
8 minor 6th (or sharp 5th/augmented 5th)
9 major 6th
10 minor 7th (flat 7th)
11 major 7th
12 octave
13 flat 9th
14 9th
15 sharp 9th/minor 10th (just minor 3rd one octave higher)
16 major 10th (just major 3rd one octave higher)
17 11th
18 augmented 11th
19 perfect 12th (octave above perfect 5th)
20 flat 13th
21 13th

Just use that table
Don't think thats the same thing i was refering to, as in the fact that it is talking about 7th's major and minor scales. I wanted the chord for A major scale, and how to get the chords for other scales.
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Ok sorry would help if i gave the name, this stuff is for apreggio's that im trying to learn