My teacher recommended getting a guitar with a floyd rose.

But I really want an American Strat (running at $950)

Would the strat stay in tune for a good while (including using the tremolo quite a bit)? I don't want to be wasting this much money for a guitar that won't stay in tune.

There's also a "deluxe" american strat, for a couple hundred $$ more..
Should I consider buying the deluxe instead, or is the original just fine?
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Well, I've heard quite a few artists that use a Strat trem like Hendrix and Frusciante and they seem to stay in tune for a good song or so as long as you dont do massive dives.

I'd get a Strat, Floyds are good but take a while to restring em.
american strat with a floating trem will do you pretty well.. get locking tuners though.
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If it won't stay in tune you can always install locking tuners.

i've only looked at musician's friend and guitarcenter.com for the fender..
i haven't found any locking tuners, though. well, i was looking for bridges.
anyway, anyplace i could get locking tuners? perhaps a link???
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dont the deluxe strats already have stock locking tuners?

i think so, but it's also like $1200 for that guitar
There's a standard strat with a locking trem, or you could just get an American one and fit one yourself.
Listen to me.... Im the strat man. An american strat trem wont stay in to anywhere as good as a floyd rose. If you use the trem on an american strat alot it will eventually go out of tune. Thjeyre a coupel ways to slow it down so it stays in tune longer some of these ways are, graphite on the nut, oil on the string trees, oil under the bridge where the trem meets the body, and oil where the stering hits the bridge. Floyd rose trem can stay in tune for literally a month if used propewrly, even with vigorous dive bombs. A couple dive bombs like 3, will detune a strat trem. Another option is to get an american with a floyd alreayd in it. you can do thats by buying the stratsthey fender sells with floyds (theryr not ont he website but u can buy them at sotres and on musicians friend) you can buy a used one if you can find one, or you can route a strat body and put one in yourself. If your planning one going nuts on the trem than a floyd rose is probably better, although you can make a strat trem last a long time if you knwo what your doing.
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Yea they stay in tune fine, don't listen to your teacher.
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If you buy either Locking Tuners, The Fender LSR roller Nut (which I have heard a few complaints about the ball bearings falling out), or a graphite nut...( i would suggest the locking tuner), and if you install a floating bridge it should stay in tune....Until I can buy those tho...something that is Kinda ghetto, but it works...Is when I change my strings...I take a exacto knife and some lead for a mechanical pencil, and I scape graphite off into a fine powder, and I take a Toothpick and coat the slots for the strings in the bone Nut with graphite, and that way it is well lubricated, and I also take vasciline, and rub some on the saddles with the cotton swab, and That way, the strings are well lubricated and My Strat Doesn't DeTune at all when I use my tremolo Bar.