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25 19%
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BC Rich
3 2%
2 2%
29 22%
28 21%
9 7%
35 27%
Voters: 131.
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I can't think of any guitars I'd rather have than an Ovation GP or Breadwinner that aren't customs or whatever.
Fender and Ibanez, I've answered one of these before, i like jackson too but they're more for strictly metal, and BC Rich would rock if their only non agathis guitars werent so dear, I also despise schecter, dont ask me why i just find them annoying

Fender=teh sex
I like Cruiser's.

For a low budget they have a nice sound and come in a great many styles.
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Mine's BC Rich, kick-ass!

Sig-worthy sentiments from the anti-rap guy there.
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This thread has been done so many times that saying that its old has gotten old. Learn to use the search button, noob!
Well, just to be like everyone else, here's my rig:

Fender American Stratocaster
Epiphone Les Paul Custom
Washburn J28SDL

Mesa/Boogie F-50 Combo
B.C Rich guitars are awesome. Mine's a silvertone....
Its simply underrated. T_T
Quote by irishmatt1992
Mine's BC Rich, kick-ass!

Oh dear god.
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Now that we know the threadstarter probly isnt over 16 years old...

edit..born in 92'..thought so lol
Quote by d_byrne23
Now that we know the threadstarter probly isnt over 16 years old...

edit..born in 92'..thought so lol

HEY, i'm born in '92 and i know to stay away from BC Rich (unless they're the old ones or NJ series) I'd never touch agathis or LFR or whatever else BC Rich have used on crappy models, I'm an ibanez and fender guy
Im not a mod but this is thread is pointless, if you search you'll find too many threads like this. (plus he didnt include epiphone)

Quote by irishmatt1992
Mine's BC Rich, kick-ass!

you have to be kidding me
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yes i said gibson and fender

1967 gibson sg special (p-90's)

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ibanez fo sho! ya ibanez is winning!

though i must say recently ive been getting into the tone and sustain of a good gibson.

ibanez for playing, gibson for listening!
Fender and Ibanez.
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Bah! Where's ESP?
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B.C Rich, I love their classic series and NJ series as well as the older ones plus they got some pretty sexy body stylings, although I prefer the Classic Inline-6 headstock over the Widow ones.
Gibson, because they just sound really nice and have great versatility.

Bloody expensive though...
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Quote by d_byrne23
Now that we know the threadstarter probly isnt over 16 years old...

edit..born in 92'..thought so lol

i'm 14 n i h8 B.C rich guitars, i no some1 hu has 1, n i h8 the sound it makes, i h8 the look n he's a stereotyped teenager hu's into emo music, which ur referrin 2 all of us under 16's
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