So, what songs dyou play in when you're in a certain mood?
Like I play "I'm Allright" when I'm happy, and "With This Knife" when I'm sad. But, I've got a rather.. limited amount of songs to choose from. I kinda suck at guitar atm. I can't even play the whole of I'm allright, nor nail the pieces I can play.
Learning, like always.
i find just playing ANYTHING on guitar when im pissed off helps calm me down
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lol i play My sharona by the knack wen im happy and anything by metallica. or plug in baby. wen sad,,,, errr metallica.
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I play Master of Puppets when I'm happy or very angry..

And I play random chords or .45 by Shinedown when I'm sad.

And that bloody infernal.. thing. Err. Neil Young's Sugar Mountain. That when I'm messing around.
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Kiss Me I'm ****faced (Dropkick Murphys)... when... well...
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If Im sad, its Neil Young - Needle and the Damage Done or Old Man.

If im happy, its something upbeat like Crossroads. Maybe even some metal in there.
patrick stewart is awesome
Pssed off: just continuous shreddin to get the aggression out, Happy/Sad: just anythin, althougfh cant really play when im sad, i just sit strumming nothing lol
when im sad i play be like that by three doors down, and when im angry i play the intro to notes on pulling the sky down by strike anywhere cos its zen