I've got a question about this "series parallel mini switch" on a Carvin tl60 I'm
in the process of ordering. I've decided on the tl60's finish, etc., etc., but I'm
still not sure about single coils, HB's, or a combination of the two...Carvin gives
you a lot of choices. Anyway, what does a series parallel switch really do? For
the sound/tone, I mean. The guy I'm working with at Carvin tried to explain that
it "fills out" the tone...I'm not sure what he means...then he got into a really
technical explanation @ parallel wiring, etc!! My question to you guys is...do I
really need this little switch? Does it add anything to tone? I'm lost here.
It's just a way to alter your tone. Series sounds different than parallel - he's right, it does make your sound a little rounder to run two pickups in series. I don't find those kinds of things *too* useful, but it's not as useless to me as phase switching.
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yea its just another sound. and btw, i think phase switching is pretty useful--my friend has a carvin too and he uses the out of phase sound alot (he even uses it like morrello uses a killswitch--he toggles it back and forth rythmically while sustaining a note, and sometimes it sounds pretty cool)

edit: some things i forgot to say--the two pups on a traditional HH guitar are wired parallel. the two individual coils within a humbucker are wired in series. two humbuckers in series sounds pretty thick and has a higher output. two individual coils within a humbucker in parallel sounds like a duller single coil, like the inbetween strat position wannabe but without the quack. some people prefer that sound for clean because it sounds pseudo single coilish and it is hum cancelling.
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Thanks much for the explanations / advice yesterday, guys. I spoke today to Kris
at Carvin, and I've decided to go with the C22B and C22N humbuckers, tone &
volume knobs, of course, and the three-way switch. I wanted to keep it fairly simple.
Again, thanks for the responses. (Oh, btw...it's gonna cost @$50.00 extra to NOT
have the series parallel switch installed!...oh well...everyone tells me the Carvin will
be worth it.