Just one question:

Is it worth it? I've herd great things about them, but Im still skeptical.
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I've heard they kick ass, and are reasonably cheaper than similar quality cables, such as Vovox (overpriced bastards)

If your main axe-to-amp cable is a good quality one, like monster rock, you'll hear a significant difference.
yes its worth it, if you want good cables...you can always get crappy cables if you want too
lets see, if they break or crap out on you then you get a new one free. for something like a good quality cable to have that guarentee, i think its worth it. they arent that much more expesive than most cables, and the lifetime guarentee basicly is the selling point for me.
yeah, I don't know much about Monster in particular, but it's always a good idea to invest in quality cables. Your tone is only as good as your weakest link.
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I have all Monster Cables and they are great. Lifetime warranty rulez. The only other brand Ive heard that competes with them is Mogami but I dont know anyone with one of those.
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the CEO of monster cables is a ****head, he shutdown every other company that used the word monster (even mom and pop joints) in their title, I'm not sure why, but I heard he did from someone else on UG

but apart from that, monster cables can't be beat for the price
theyre great...i need to upgrade my cables, i have a bunch of crap **** bottom of the line fender cables
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