hey i have a kind of new song on my myspace. it is called Sub Judice. kind of a rough draft, but still kind of cool i think. and if you crit it, make sure you listen to the whole song instead of just 20 seconds, its kind of a growing on you song. the link is
I'm no singer

and the other songs are okay, but mainly that one.
Sub Judice MMS

i liked too. I agree with naboo, the drums need to be tighter. The chord progression is really good and the vocals are great too, really laid back, sounds like an acoustic form of shoegazze.

I think the guitar tone is pretty good and your vocals are quite good too, a bit of tune sometimes but that gives the song a je ne sai quois! (sp?)

the end riff is awesome, i really really liked it!

this song has a lot of potetial, you just need to work a bit on the drums wich are indeed a bit crappy and kind of ruin the song.

Jazz Pizzazz

is pretty cool too, i'm specially fond on the beggining and the solo around 1.45. Your voice fits pretty well here too, it's not the typical bluesy voice wish is refreshing.

once again, better drumming would improve this song a lot

crit here https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=437014 ^_^
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yeah, the drums probably aren't that tight because i stopped playing drums a couple years ago and just recently picked them up again. i did an instrumental version of jazz pizzazz that is also pretty cool, its mostly blues solos. thanks for all the good feedback.
I agree that this song has a lot of potential. However, the way it is right now is a bit weak. I like the tone of your voice, very fitting for the song. Intonation could be improved on the vocals though. Good guitar skills. The drumming really didn't bother me, a bit down in the mix and it would sound fine.
I kinda like your vocals - some places where they need a bit more attention but overall its really good. End riff is great stuff (as mentioned before). I like the whole feel of the song, but it could perhaps do with a bit more work. As a first take thing, its really good.
I think its pretty good.. maybe a little tighter though. But the one thing that I would totally change is introducing the hardest part of the song way earlier. The beginnning is good, but needs to be tastefully done, and not too extended or else you could end up being the audience's alarm clock when that hard part comes around.

Overall, a good tune.

Crit mine: in my sig- it's a acoustic instrumental.

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I like this. It sounds like it has some real British roots in it like Stone Roses and some Hawkwind festival performances but with a dose of Americana in like the Byrds. Trippy and laid back. I certainly wouldn't walk away if I heard this being played live. Fatten up the bass on the rhythm guitar in the lead and it would add a whole load of extra oomph.

www.tiddlypeeps.co.uk/dodgysback.mp3 if you fancy giving some feedback on my improvised first attempt.
Nice song, the vocals are great and the part at the end is really cool. Like someone else said though, it did kind of catch me off guard coming that late into the song.
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Woah thats really cool, i like the way its really laid back at the beggining and kind of trippy. The drums need 2 be a bit tighter thats the only improvement needed i think. I also thought the riff at the end sounded really good. Nice job!

Heres one of mine, it isnt finished yet but the structures there https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=436284

i agree with this guy, and i can see how this is a grow on you type song but yea a little tighter drums and think youll be set

if you have time