a 15 watt tube amp or a 100 watt tube amp?

I usually play in bedroom, so Im thinking that id get a nicer tone with the 15 watt, since theres no way i'll be able to crank the 100 watt in my room :|

do you guys thin kteh 15 watt could handle a small gig? There is a pa system at my school, but just wondering.

I was thinking of the epi valve standard with a mxr od pedal. anyone got a better suggestion in the same price range? (about 500-600 canadian)

Minsoo s.w.
If you are just playing in your room, go for a low wattage tube amp. 50 watts is too much for bedroom playing, and you really should be able to crank a tube amp. So, go for anything that's 15-20, maybe 25 watts. If you are playing a gig at your school, as long as they let you use their PA or your band has a PA you can mic your amp and set your amp to whatever volume level you want.