So, I've been playing for about 2 years and I have an Ibanez GSA60 + money to spend. I've played it in the shop and I really like it, but can I get some opinions in it? I noticed thta it has no humbuckers... Will this affect the (distorted) sound in anyway? Or will it sound better than my GSa60 anyway?

It's 205 Rials, which is about 500$.

Thanks in advance.
I love the standard tele. I definately say to go for it. As for your question about lack of humbuckers, not having one will affect your ability to play high-gain metal. On my tele, I can do anything up to about Iron Maiden or Black Sabbath with no problems.
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Ah, cheers. So it will still be good enough for rock/hard rock. I loved the way it sounded on clean, almost acoustic like which is awesome. Only thing I was concerned about was that the input jack was slightly loose. But I guess if it does fall off I can get it fixed.
haha this is weird. I started of with a Ibanez GSA60. But I've recently bough a 1978 Fender Tele which is ****ing amazing. After playing the tele you'll never want to touch the ibanez again. I say go for it
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Will_Gum knows what he's talking about

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Is this the kinda thread like the one that Will_Gum made about eating his baby brother or something? Because it's not as good..
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Will this affect the (distorted) sound in anyway? Or will it sound better than my GSa60 anyway?

It won't sound "not as good as" or "better than", it will just sound different. Because it's a Singlecoil-Guitar.
Modern high-gain orgies will be a little problem because the pickups were'nt constructed for something like that, but it will work well for "vintage hard rock" as Black Sabbath as Friedmaniac said.