Yellowcard is ok but I dont listen to them anymore
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I like Nirvana.
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Maybe you just suck at the guitar?

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feed a pigeon bicarbonate of soda, let it swell up for a while. then feed it to the dogs and

BOOM head shot!

(pigeons explode after having bicarbonate of soda, they cant fart. stupid pigeons.)
Hey I'm from Italy,I like U.S.A. so much but I cannot come there for now...
I'd like to make a band but here there is no one who like that stuff and really want to have fun...I'm so sad about that...however one day I'll come in U.S.A...
What about that?Is there anyone who can help me?
Write back
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nirvana and yellowcard

Do you know that yellowcard covered nirvana with DUMB n ALL APOLOGIES?

Nirvana are good, Aerosmith is bearable in VERY small doses i.e. if Don't Wanna Miss A Thing comes on at a party or on the radio
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