I read somewhere that playing a bass guitar through a normal guitar amp will mess it up. Is it really gonna screw up my amp or just wont sound as great.

Reason I'm asking is I have really been wanting to try bass gutiar for a while but sorta overspent on other stuff already, so I want to buy a cheap ass used $50 bass guitar and not have to dish out 100+ dollars on another amp.

Also wouldnt turning the bass knob down a lot work? (although that kinda defeats the point of a bass guitar) So how can I be a total cheapass and get a bass setup?
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When I asked the guy at my local guitar shop, he said that I'd have to buy a full Bass amp as well. But he may have just been trying to get more money off me.

I've heard people say it's ok. But I've heard people say it's not. No one ever seems to give any reasons and facts though.

I do know that guitar amps don't have the power to make the bassy-er sounds properly (it takes more power to make the lower pitchs). But wheather/how much damge it does if you do use it. I don't know.

I used my bass through my crappy "BB-Blaster" 10W amp that I got for £20 and never had any problems. But I don't feel I know enough to actually try it now I have a proper amp.
Bad idea. That's all you need to know.
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I bought a bass and played it on my crappy little amp that i got with my first guitar and I can't say that it seemed to wreck it but i don't know if i would try it out on a good amp
The speakers in guitar amps aren't designed to take the frequencies a bass produces.

You should be all right at low volumes, but it's still not recommended.

Also, it sounds crap compared to a bass amp.
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ive played my bass through a friends amp and they both came out fine no damage 2 either so i wuldnt worry if i were you
you can do it, you will get a bad tone, no doubt about it, but just dont turn the volume up much past 4 or 5. I dont suddest doing it but if you have to you can
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It May not damage, and probably low volume it would be fine, but i certainly wouldn't recommend it, especially not cranking the volume way up. I Think alot of the damage probably comes from the vibrations.
Just an opinion..

But if you want a decent bass amp, thats not too expensive, i would suggest looking at local pawn shops..
chances are that it will damage it. it's like putting diesel into a regular unleaded car. it won't work. it's not made to do the same frequencies.

however, you can do a guitar through a bass amp. i've never understood that one.
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Guitar through bass amps works because bass amp speakers can handle all the extra treble, but a guitar amp speaker will die when faced with that much bass.
It'll blow your amp up. Don't do it. Guitar amps are meant for higher frequencies than guitar amps are.
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I don't think it will blow it up...

My friend has been using his bass through a guitar amp, and it hasn't shown any signs of damage or anything. I agree with keeping it below 4-5, as that might damage it.
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It won't suddenly explode, but it won't be good for it in the long run. Would advise against it. Also, it won't sound good.
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A normal guitar amp's speaker isn't built for the low frequencies that bass guitars tend to run at. Because of this, if you put a bass through a guitar amp, you could damage your speaker.
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Dont do it. you will damage your amp

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i've been doing it and my amp is fine. Just keep it 5-4 or below
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