I have an epiphone sg. I've had it for about two years. It's my only electric guitar and I use it almost every weekend for my band. Unfortunately it goes out of tune about every song and it takes too much time tuning it after every song. I think the tone might be out of whack as well but even if i get it right, it won't stay in tune. I tried new strings and after i had them broking in they still go out of tune. It has a tune o matic bridge. Any help is greatly appreciated.
"speaking of bag over their head....how's your mom?"
it may not even be out of whack
it just goes out of tune all the time
"speaking of bag over their head....how's your mom?"
maybe put a pair of locking tuners on there as well as lubing your nut when you change your strings should help tuning stability but also what epi sg do you specifically own?