For music GCSE, we need 3 pieces about a certain thing, and I decided to go for death.
the only problem is, I can't think of any classical pieces about it. All I have is Beethoven's 5th.
If you have any suggestions, then please help me! They can be for any instrument, not just guitar.
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White man came (Cumming noise)
Across the sea (Wow!!!)
Brought us pain (Right in the eye, it was)
And misery ( Points to pregnant sister)
Run to the hills, iron maiden
Piano piece by Chopin called Prelude in E minor I believe. Its a very simply piece and Chopin composed it and instructed his wife to play it at his funeral. She did.
how do you know if a classical song is about death or not?
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Also, theres a very famous etude by Scriabin, if you're interested. forgot the name. I play alot of piano, I'm not sure if its associated with death, but I've played it at someone's funeral, so for me it is. It sure as hell sounds like it is, and its a beautiful piece.

Also very tough
Mozart's Requiem...or any requiem, for that matter. A requiem is specifically written for funerals and mourning.
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Listen to Paganini's 24 Caprices. Some of them have a gypsy harmony to them. IT was thought that Paganini sold his soul to the devil. But that has nothing to do with death.