okay so i have guitar lessons at school and the cupboard in which they're stored has shelves and some space on the floor, sounds okay so far...but idiots just throw their guitars in there without think of the the effects of this which really pisses me off so i usually just get in early on thurdays to put my guitar away on the shelves away from the destruction below but today however some twat thought it would be a good idea to remove my guitar from the shelf it was placed upon and dropped into the destruction below. now to my horror when it comes fro lesson time i realise theres a long split on the head stock, this really pissed me off. i'm worried about my dads reaction when he sees that the guitar he forked out £400 on is damaged i was just wanting to know where i could find a decent cheap guitar in the uk around £120-ish?

EDIT: if it helps i like to play metal e.g. Trivium, Metallica, A7X Etc.
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Sorry to hear about the split in the headstock. That happened to my acoustic once a number of years ago and I was able to fix it with some glue and strong clamps with little to no ill effects. Might try that before totally trashing it.

The money might be better spent on a case to help avoid this problem again in the future....
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I seriously do not believe that you didnt have your guitar in a case, shelf or no shelf mine would have ben in a locked case.

Sorry to hear about the split headstock, you might be able to get that repaired. Decent guitar in the Uk for £120, there isnt one. If you can go to £200 i can recomend a couple that might fit the bill
Sorry to hear about that.

I just don't understand some people... they have no concept of "what would happen if I drop/bump/crush/scratch/burn/throw this?" When I encounter such a person I become in shock of the utter disregard they have for things.

When they dropped your guitar, they probably didn't think for a moment that anything bad would happen to it. And even if it did, they would think it's no big deal. *AND* they think that since it is no big deal to them, it should be no big deal to anyone else and you are just over-reacting.

These are the same people who drive around with cars covered with dents, scratches and year old motor oil.
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Your nuts not having it in a hardcase. Not one of my guitars has ever left the house without it being locked in a secure, tough as dogsballs case.
Quote by leelee
These are the same people who drive around with cars covered with dents, scratches and year old motor oil.

not to be a dick..or flame or anything but i totally disagree with the car comment. Body work is f'in expensive, and not changing your oil..that's just a matter of laziness. so the kinda people that drive around in cars with dents and dont' change their oil are...lazy poor people, such as myself (tho i do change my oil)

not people who like breaking stuff, how does breaking stuff have to do with changing your oil?

anywho, did you talk to the school? cuz it's not your fault that the guitar is broken really, sure you should have had a case, but that someone threw it on the ground is not your fault.
Do you know who damaged it?

Get him/her to pay for either a new guitar or pay for the repair of your current instrument.

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