hey guys, i am getting in to pantera and i heard one of the best known songs. however, i cant rember what it is called coz i wanna learn it on guitar, well the intro anyways, the intro sounds fare ground like or cartoon like!!! any ideas!!! cheers

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if its a best known one it could be cowboys from hell, walk, cemetary gates...many others, anyway, give more details
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It could be something from their earlier albums, possibly Biggest Part Of Me, Ride My Rocket, or Metal Magic, all from the album Metal Magic. It could also be Suicide Notice from The Great Southern Trendkill, the intro has a sort of dreamy (life) in reverse sound to it.
These are the only ones that doesn't begin directly with either guitar, bass or drums.

If you want to narrow it down, you'll have to give a more precise description.

EDIT: It could be Floods as the guy above me suggests, as this has a sort of mystic or dissonant (sp?) sound to it, which I guess could be kind of "cartoony".
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