im in a band called "Time Of Your Demise" and i just spoke to another member of the band saying we're going to have to change the name of the band because of an old film with the same name as us. supposed copyright law. i have searched high n low and i cant find a single thing about this film, also does it matter that a band and film have the same name? if this films so old (50 years or more) wouldent any copyright it has be void anyway?

i didnt know where else to post this, and since im in a metal band it seemed right.

as far as I know it doesn't matter in the slightest
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thats good, altho there is nothing directly about films, is does say you cant copyright a name or title. is there the same with trademarks?
Didn't Nirvana get sued by a band form the '60's and a Christian rock band over the name? AFAIK, they lost.

This should probably go in the Musician's Talk/Bandleading forum, BTW.
Names that aren't just english (or another language) words are trademarks, and trademarks don't carry over across different trades... thus the name TRADEmark. Of course that won't stop someone from sueing you if you use something like... oh... say Star Wars (Lucas's lawyers would be ass raping you as soon as they caught wind of it)