warning im a newb at guitars kinda...well anyways
i got new strings all of them seem to work fine ive got them all tuned...but when i push down on the 13-16 frets of the G string it makes a wierd buzzing sound and doesnt sound at all like it should. can anyone help? i hope i put this in the right section!
well i think i know what the problem is....i have a fender acoustic, and on the bridge there is a little plastic piece that raises the strings a little, i have lost that piece becuase it broke off.....where could i get another? thanks
Guitar shop

You may have to take the guitar there, I don't know.

If no one around here does, ask in the Acoustic & Classical forum
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either your neck's bent or your action is set too low - probably more so your neck. My first guitar did this the first week i had it, although my problem was in the 3-5 fret range. Go to any guitar shop and get them to check it out. Trust me, much better to do than to try do it yourself.

To smith600f4i: i presume you mean the nut. Any guitar shop will have a replacement.