Ok, I dont have a clue where the old H.I.M thread went, I searched and found nothing..

Anyway recently I've really got into them again after that (what I think) disgraceful album. But I'll give them another chance

What in your opinion is their best album?? and why!

Personally I think its deep shadows and brilliant high lights, it mixes their emphasis (Sp?) on love songs with some kick ass aggression!
i think all of their cds suck balls
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I really don't like them very much. But I've heard worse.
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HIM do not suck balls they just whine to much and there music has to much stuff in and not enough guitar playing and their singer is such an idiot
I personally dont like them. The lead singer's voices is just annoying.
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i think there ok not great deep shadows and razorblade were the best ones

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Shouldn't this be in the Hard Rock forum? Is there even a Hard Rock forum, or just a Classic Rock forum?
I think there are too many idiots taking trash about Ville. Any way I love Love Metal best because it has a high ratio of good songs. Also any one who trashes Ville is obviously a stupid ****. Thats all. Punk'd.
i personally love them, and love said no is a fab album cause it brings all albums together so you get a bit of agression, romance and love metal into it
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Alright, I'll give them a try, Japanese Black Speed rarely disappoints.

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Love Metal is a title of one of their albums, however. I think Love Metal or Dark Shadows and Brilliant Highlights are the best. Their the two I can listen straight through without skipping. Except on Dark Shadows, I always skip Salt In Our Wounds... dunno why, just don't find it a great song.
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I like HIM (yes I said it). I was a hold out for a really long time. My best friend is a HIM fanatic. I got bored one day after staying up for 4 days straight. I started listening to his copy of Dark Light that he left here and I liked it. I am not nor will I ever be a HIM fanatic, but this does mean that I now have another band to listen to.
Oh yea The 69 Eyes rock too.
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I like HIM a lot. Linde's probably been the greatest influence on my guitar playing if I'm honest (although this applies more to his daniel lioneye album). I love his soloing style.

I didn't think dark light was that good. I hated it to start with, but I think it's okay now, there are some good songs in there.

Favourite albums, in order:

Razorblade Romance
Greatest Love Songs
Deep Shadows
Love Metal
Dark Light
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one of my friends used to listen to them, so ive heard quite a bit of their stuff. i honestly dont like them very much.