You are right next to me.
But you don't seem to be that close.
Are you dreaming off wondering how much better life would be
If you were with somebody besides me
I want you to know that i never meant to screw up
I can't even remember what i did.

But i'm sorry please forgive me
I'm going away for you
It hurts me so badly
But i know it's going to help you
Cause i can't believe it
I thought that this was so perfect
and i can't even imagine what could've gone wrong
So please forgive cause this is the last time
I'll ever see you again

Calling you every night but you won't answer
I'm getting the feeling that something's gone wrong
I wish i could change it cause
Right now i'm blaming myself
For everything that's going wrong
Because inside i know that your better off without me
Please don't cry anymore i'm gonna be gone soon enough