The Dead Boys, Sex Pistols, Ramones, and Minor Threat were some of the many innovators of punk. True punk no longer exists, for it is commercialized and pampered. Punk was about not caring
what anyone thought. Now, it is about who has longer bangs and who can have the
catchiest tune. Why did this happen? Post your thoughts...
wow, you're boring.
no, minor threat were not innovator of punk, seeing as they came at about 10 years after the three others you meantioned. The sex pistols were fairly contrived when you dig into it deeper. the ramones suck, period. they werent even really punk, because they had nothing to express. i can respect a band that writes about nothing, but not for 10 albums worth of material. then its just sad. punk does still exist, but you have to look for it. check out Pissed Jeans if you like Black Flag, check out the Black Lips if you like a little surf/garage in your punk. Pop-Punk is an anachronism in itself because punk was agains 'popular' beliefs. its obvious to anyone who knows anything that that's not punk, and not worth whining about. It happened because spoiled suburban kids will listen to anything, and when there's no standard for a good tune with any thought behind it, **** happens. i hope thats enough to educate you. never post this thread again.
Haha. Well... I don't agree with you at all... Many songs by the Ramones have depth. And Minor Threat was innovative.... Straight edge was started by Minor Threat and followed by many punks in the future.... STFU!
I guess you mean pop punk is a contridiction in itself, rather than an anachronsim. I never heard any dead boys, on just one minor threat track which was rubbish. They started straight edge did they? Not sure that's really innovatice. People been doing that kinda stuff for centuries. Pretty sure Pistols and Ramones did care what people thought, cos they wanted to sell records. Pretty sure most musicians care what people think of their music. Erm, I think I can say quite definitely that no Ramones song that I have ever heard has depth. Prehaps I misunderstand this usage of the word depth, or maybe I aint heard enough of their songs. I heard loads though. I dunno what happened to punk. A lot of people got bored of it, I guess.