ive been lurking around but i finally decided to post.

would a bossds1 sound good through the vox valvetronix amps? either the 30 or 50 watt one.

also im thinking of buying it (the pedal) at guitar center so any tips on helping to lower the price on that?
as for lowering the price.. just search around. maybe anoother music shop, ebay, or a website like musiciansfriend.
I don't know much about amps though
eh. i'd avoid it personally. it sounds okay through a practice amp and that's about it. at least with mine, i found that it sounds pretty poor when there's any volume behind it. i ended up buying the MD-2, and it's much better

as for buying it (or any pedal, really) go for used. ebay is a great way to not spend a lot of money and get some good stuff. my MD-2 came like new (only used twice, they said- and it looks like it) for $35 including shipping, where as I think it costs about $80 new at a store.
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one more question, i really cannot decide between roland cube and the vox. i have a rg321 for a guitar and i like to play rock and metal but i also want versatility because eventually i want to try other things.

also would the pedal really make much of a difference in sound?
vox would be a better shot.

im not sure itd be much use as like the vox is a modelling amp so it will prob have an overdrive channel somewhere, i cant remember when i played one i couldnt work the settings cos i was rushing about
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