I listened to I'm Not Ready; pretty sweet. It's got a nice, smooth tempo, and I like your voice. The recording itself, though, is a bit too bare. It would definitely enhance this song if you recorded the guitar as two stereo tracks, or maybe one strumming chords and the other doing some arpeggios. Piano would also probably work well with this too. Basically, just a bit more to enliven things up.

I liked the lyrics though, and I envy your voice

Edit: Bleh. Just remembered it was a first take. Nevermind then
k so i listened to "im not ready". wow, you really do have a wonderfully pretty voice! i agree with everyone on the bareness of the track. it could use additional tracking and instruments. a little lead, a little bass, this song definitely has lots of potential. veryyyy pretty! your voice is sooo nice!
Thankyou for all the advice - the songs would sound better with othe instruments. But as I said, it's a first take type thing. Basically a quick recording to ensure I don't forget the main melody the next day lol. Thanks for listening and replying... just wondering if anyone's listened to misunderstandings? I prefered that one, just wasn't sure about the melody. Anyhoo thankos muchos :P And I've critted back the 2 who asked!