Well, the other day I heard the elevators played on my launchcast, it played "Fire Engine" i heard that and was intruiged so i Looked for more. But they are very hard to get info on, or even here. I plan On buying a cd, Probably Phsychedelic sounds, but could anyone give me some info, reccomendations, or websites? Or if you like them, discuss.
Their second album 'Easter Everywhere' is probably their best. But the psychedelic sounds of.. is good as well.
Oh yeah, and is the "Elecic Jug" just like how you blow into the top of a bottle and it makes that noise, or...?

If it is then that fukking awesome
I have heard a few songs. I like Slip Inside This House, in particular.
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Get every album you can. I heard "Reverberation (Doubt)" and "I Had To Tell You" on a college station in Austin, and I was thrilled. They are truely the greatest psychedelic band, and also the first. Hmm, that's interesting.
Known about them for a long time (due to the Nuggets comp) but finally got the album ('psychedelic sounds of...') for Christmas. Got a great selection of bonus track covers.
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Fantastic band that kind of got a raw deal. They should have been huge. I've seen Roky live twice since he's made a turn around. Both good shows. He still has a good voice and everything. San Francisco? Please. Psychedelic music was born in Texas.
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Your gonna' miss me and uhhh....its all over now baby blue ar the only 2 songs i could get....i heard a little bit of Fire Engine some where and liked it but i couldn't get it
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I love them, Slip inside this House and Roller Coaster are my faveourite, I've based my whole playing style around Stacy Sutherlands playing as well as Vince Martell from Vanilla Fudge.

I downloaded 'The psychedelic Sounds.....' the other day and I love it. - I want EasterEverywhere but can't find it on the net so I'm gonna go hunting for it on ebay O_O.

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Ive heard one song and enjoyed it very much. Its terrible what happened to the guitarist too. Plead insanity for marijuana possession charges and was locked up in the loony bin for a while with shock therapy and all.
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^^ some sort of strange new slimey brew, its a psychedelic mess.
Check it out
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Oh yeah, and is the "Elecic Jug" just like how you blow into the top of a bottle and it makes that noise, or...?

If it is then that fukking awesome

Yup. It's been used in "trad" jazz for donkeys' years. Pretty cool,isn't it? The psychedelic instrument anyone can play!

Incidentally, that's the origin of the "jug band" style (which in its sixties incarnation is a great mashup of primitive country rock, blues, jazz, and drunked hollers).
Why have i only just discovered this band this week?! Awesome band!