I'm looking at getting a distortion and wah pedal. I play mostly rock/metal, quite a wide range of stuff. I'm playing with a fernandes raven ltd with seymour duncans (jazz and a more dirty one) through a marshall valvestate 65W amp. Any ideas on pedals, cheap or expensive. I'm willing to shell out if its really worth the money, i dont want cheap crap though.

Also, will i get noise reduction (less background fuzz) using these pedals or will I need another pedal to help reduce this?
for wah, weeping demon....
for noise reduction, boss ns-2 or an isp decimator
ds-2 with an overdrive as a boost for when you play metal
EDIT ok here....
BOSS DS-2 and a Danelectro FAB Overdrive...
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hm what the difference between ds-1 and ds-2?

other than pricing
the ds2 is more fuzzy, thick and bassy
the ds-2 has a ds1 fuction built in, as well as a turbo II function (which is amazing for rock)
so basically its two distortions in one.
i really think they should make a pedal that ONLY has the turbo function on it so it would be cheaper
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Rock and metal...

For that, I use my Boss MT-2 Metal Zone, and my Zakk Wylde model Crybaby.

I kinda want the Slash model Crybaby though, as it seems more versatile and looks prettier =D(it also has built in distortion, not sure how it sounds though), and the Dimebag Crybaby From Hell seems cool but it looks mad corny...