ok I know the amp I have (Crate FXT30) , cannot be compared to most of the amps talked about on this forum but it was all i could afford and Im really not trying to spend money (gas and insurance are a b i tch!) but I will if i have to. Ok my distortion pedal crapped out so I was using the solo channel (ugh) and then i switched to the clean and much to my dismay, it sounded ****ty!. Usually the solo channel sucks but the clean usually sounds fine. It was all fuzzy like i had some light dist. on it. I tried different cables, and guitar, turning some knobs, but same problem.... So my question is: is this fixable? and if so worth it? Or should I look for a new amp? I just joined a band and i cannot show up with my amp sounding so bad. So my question is should I find out whats wrong or start shopping for a new/or better amp?
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