hello. i have an ad30vt and have had it sence the summer before last. lately when ive been palying after about half an hour or so of playing the volume level starts to fluxuate. i did some troubleshooting and its not the guitar cuz i tried it with 3 of them and it did it with all of them and its not any of my pedals because i plugged directly into the amp and it would still do this. so. anyone else had this problem. is it just the tube needing replacing. please help. thanks in advanced.
Mine just started to do that! It's driving me nuts! I don't know what the hell is wrong!

Edit: Did you ever, by any chance, get water in it somehow? Like rain maybe? I walked mine through some light rain last week. Maybe I ****ed it up .
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mine did that for a while, but after the second time the sound went completely away and i had to turn my amp off for min and turn it back on and it was fine. it hasn't done that in a while tho
well ive never had it happen to any of my amps. but the tubes are easy to check. all you have to do is let the amp heat up. once its at regular temp flick the tubes not hard but enouph so you can feel it. if you hear a ting sound come from the speaker they are on there way out.

but the sound going all over might be a bad speaker idk.

if your still not sure bring it to a guitar shop. (NOT guitar center or sam ash or any of those big guitar stores) just a little shop. and they will be able to fix the problem.

the only reason i say dont go to any big stores for repairs is they will charge you an arm and a leg to repair the simplest things.

like i had one of my tube amps outfitted with 6550s had it cleaned up got a new spring reverb tank installed and got all the preamp tubes changed and a couple of other minor things. guitar center gave me a quote of like 400 bucks. my local guitar shop did it for 150.