Okay, this is my first recorded material posted anywhere. I would really like to know what people think, what's good and bad about it, and what i can do to improve.

Note: This is my first solo after learning how to play along with the chords, so its not perfect..check out my profile on there while your there . but anyways, ill crit you if you crit me.



p.s. sorry the solo is so quiet..i forgot to turn it up and the rythm part down..

If the song doesnt play cause it says you need to have an account, hit "hi-fi" when you're in the music page. Sorry about that. It sounds the same either way.
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I agree, it sounds really good... It sounds sortive like an intro to a song.... I also agree on adding more chords to make the rhythm more interesting, and to open up a more versatile soloing sound.
Can't say a lot that hasn't been said before - it's good, but could be made more interesting - just a little bit more work. I prefers stuff with vocals - lol. It's just a personal thing, cos it immediately makes the whole thing come to life. But as I said - personal thing. Good job.