Ok, I'm trying to sell a Mesa/Boogie Single Rectifer Combo because I now own the head version with a Mesa cab. This isn't really a big deal and I haven't done hardly any research on the subject but my friend keeps telling me that he won't buy it because it doesn't have a 'tube rectifier'. Instead, he's getting a B-52 combo for like $499 and insists it's much better than the rectifier. I'm simply having a bit of trouble understanding how 1. My Mesa/Boogie Single RECTIFIER lacks a RECTIFIER tube and 2. My friend's B-52 combo is superior to my combo. I hope I don't sound like some jerk Mesa fanboy but I'm only curious. Apparently my combo has a 'solid state rectifier' like the F-50. Please explain.

he's right on point 1, it doesn't have a tube rectifier, only SS. The single rectifier has no actual vacuum tube rectifier, only the Dual and Triple. As for point 2, that's opinion. All a tube rectifier is going to give you is that sag associated with vintage amps. You would want a SS rectifier for a nice tight metal tone anyway.
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a mesa will rape a B-52 especially at any kind of metal, if you eq it right.
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Ok thanks alot guys. Indeed I do play all metal stuff and I'm VERY happy with my single recto. I didn't go for a dual or triple because of the unneeded headroom and sheer excess volume of them. The other guitarist in my band has a Peavey 6505+ 120 watt all tube head and my 50 watt is perfectly fine with it. I do seem to remember the B-52 guy complaining about my Mesa's lack of versatility.

Ok, so basically Tube rectifier = more of a vintage "sag"(?) and SS rectifier = tight metal sound?

Thanks for the help.
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Ok, so basically Tube rectifier = more of a vintage "sag"(?) and SS rectifier = tight metal sound?

basically yeah. I set my Trecto to Tube Rectifier for a warmer sound, not the 'sag'. But yeah...lol
Still some vintage amps has used SS rectifier. All Marshall Plexis(not JTM45), JCM800's and after has used them.
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most modern amps use a SS recto, so im curious why he thinks he needs a tube rectifier, i always run my triple on diode mode, and B52s are ok for a first tube amp but mesa, marshall vox or pretty much any established company will own them in the tube market
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