i was wondering if this is a good guitar for a knockaround guitar, i woudn't be treating it bad or anything, and this isn't just my first or second guitar, i've been playing awhile now and want a guitar with a floyd rose, and this would be my first with one, and i'm buying a new amp too this christmas, and figured i'd get this too, what do you think?
Hell nah, get a name brand guitar for that much money, dont be a cheapass, youll regret it
never played one. try a prs se with tremolo (prs tremolo). they are good, solid built. about 500 usd.

the agiles have a very flat fretboard.
thanks, i was just wondering, and i can't help being a cheap ass, i'm 15 and don't have a job yet, and i'm spending about 500 on a tube amp, i already have a great guitar, a schecter C-1 Elite with upgraded pickups, so i just wanted something to mess with that had a floyd
well i've heard the PRS copys are nice and that one looks good, its just the floyd is prob a cheap one and it'll prob go out of tune and give you a hard time if you've never used a floyd before, so if you have some extra you should prob get an original floyd rose, other than that it looks good and I know on that one you cant really see the finish how it would really look but if you go to the PS 924 and go to the bottom you can see a unprofessonial pic and you can see the finishs are awesome. just thought i'd let you know cause im actually planning on getting the 924 and was doubtful because i wasnt sure if the finish looked fake like in the other pics. so yea thats pretty much it, should be a great guitar, that floyd just might not be to great. nvm I just found this which is like the same finish as yours. so yea good luck with your decision
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