Ok I have a Crate XT 65R and I want to know how to turn distortion on and off. I have a footswitch. Let me explain the problem: In the back there are two outlets to put your chord into, one to turn reverb on and off and one to switch between the channels. When I take a chord and hook it up to the footswitch and the reverb outlet and plug my guitar into the input, it works. I can turn the reverb on and off and it is fine. But when i do the same exact thing except plug the footswitch into the Clean/Solo/Rythm (channels) outlet, it stays locked on to the clean channel. When I hit the footswitch nothing will happen. And so i stay stuck with a clean sound. I was wondering if anybody help me fix this problem so I can turn distortion on and off. Please Help anybody who knows how to work this amp.
You don't have a channel switch on the actual amp? It may be that you have to have the dist channel selected there for the footswitch to work or something.
try putting a regular cord in the taking something metallic and jumping the free end (just touch the base and the tip) maybe the pedal for the reverb isn't designed to work for the channel switching ...