Hi everyone, i have found a website called fritra.com claiming to sell amazing guitars for very, very low prices. If you go to the website you will see under catigories u can choose instruments, under this u can find electric guitars. Now i know for a fact almost all of these guitars are priced at over $2000, so how are they selling them for under 400 bucks???? I live in canada and even when i choose canadian currentcy there still under 400 bucks. Now i have examined the pictures closely and come to the conclusion that they are either real pictures, but shipping u fake products, or that if the pictures are the real thing, they are very good at copying real guitars.

Please help me out? Real or Not?


P.S if there real i'll be ording like ****ing 20 of the steve vai guitars!
100% fake.
It's like the guitars on ebay that cost about $2 and shipping costs about $250, and they are 'genuine good luck high craftsmanship guitars'
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It's one of these "Just like real" "chinese" rip-offs. I'm having lots of trouble believing this junk is worth anything at all.
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they are fake, just look at the headstock on the "gibson" guitars... its not even close to the real ones
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damn. if thats real, im gonna buy a **** load of guitars.. o.O

if only it was..
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Ok so there fake, but if they are near exact replica's shouldnt they play alright anyways? for the price, + the look of a real gibson or ibanez would it be worth it to have a ok playing guitar that looks amazing for a low price?

+ i emailed them and this is what they said

·¢¼þÈË£º Steve Freake
·¢ËÍʱ¼ä£º 2006-09-22 06:31:25
ÊÕ¼þÈË£º fritra
Ö÷Ì⣺ Enquiry from fritra

i would like to know if your guitars are real, or if they are replica's. I would like to know if u could send me one for free and if i like the product i will order a bounch for my music class.i teach music at a high school and am i need of musical instruments.

yours truly

Steve Freake


This is the factory that the United States constructs in China, is cheap in the consumption of China, the labor force is more ample, lowering our cost thus, our guitar is similar to real GIBSON completely, but now still not belong to the GIBSON of the authorities.Please trust to purchase!.We guarantee.After purchase if you are dissatisfied, we can send back your money.



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Ya, if they were good. They probibly play worse than a Squire. Sure they look cool but for 200 sum bucks you can get better.
the Zakk Wylde Les Paul on the site is obviously fake as it has not been manufactured in that colour

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The Black Les Paul Custom has a Zakk Wylde silouhette in the bakc of the headstock lmao...cheap bull****.
yea, they are fake chinese spinoffs, i got that same message when i emailed them, i wouldnt trust them anyway...
Second: Not as described in the auction.if you are not satisfied with your purchase you can refund the item within 14 days of the end of auction for a full refund. Buyers bears the return shipping charge,and packed the items for return.Buyers will absorb shipping fees both ways . And the item must be returned in its original condition. but if returned is broken,we won't refund expect that you have put one insurance insurance on it and can claim insurance for it
Third: if you feel items different describe,Or damaged,you may tell us.

THEY WILL NOT LET U RETURN THIS UNLESS ITS DAMAGED OR NOT AS DESCRIBED. and even if it is damaged, which they will say it wasnt, they will still make u pay shipping and restock fee BOTH ways and any other fee.

i didnt see what they are making these fakes out of but, no nononoo noo no jonoon nooonooonooo no...... no

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they do use gibson logos and specs and they are mahogany bodys..... maby buy a few and bootleg them to some noobs....
dude, i don't care if it's fake, i need some "display" guitars to hang on my wall
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well for a display guitar id say go for it... they are pretty, but only buy one at first, that way you dont loose your ass, but they are real guitars from a real chinese company so if you are just going to look at them it doesnt matter if they dont play good...
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they're fake, they serial numbers are supposed to be engraved, not stamped

err my ibanez has a stamped serial number.... and im PRETTY sure its real...
^ Uhhhgg Yeah, your ibanez is probably stamped, BUT gibson engraves them...

See the difference: ibanez, gibson... ibanez, gibson.

They're different companies with diferent guitars and different methods of building them.
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Just had 2 of these guitars delivered (LP copies-white and black). They are better than I could have hoped for. They are definately not up to the standards of a $2000+ guitar but they are much better than any epiphone I have played. The action and intonation was excellent. The only thing that was not great were the tuners.
I really don't know....they don't have any kind of specs listed anywhere. For all you know, the whole thing could be made of plastic. The Angus Young Sig SG just looks......mishappen for some reason. But who knows?? They could be decent... I had my doubts about RondoMusic and they proved me wrong...so I would definatley ask some questions before I buy anything...
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They are heavy so I know it's not plastic. I haven't weighed the guitar but it's not light. We took some measurements and everything seems to be spec for a LP.
Well hell. They even have four lefties! Now I'm confused. Should I get an Epi LP standard for $500, or a Gibson knock off for $300?

Peace (sells)
"Guitar box" lol.
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From that website fritra.com

Welcome to my shop ! i am a honest seller .I will give you my most beautiful and best things.These will give you good lucky and you will be happy.we honesty treat each customer, I will be great pleasure for yours patronage and I'm looking forward to your discussion with me about craft arts or Musical instrument .
if you like my goods .Please you bid,if you purchase us a few items,we will give you offer a special discount combine shipping them and save money for you .Thank you for view.

If I had the money, I'd buy one. Worst comes to worse I'll just pawn it off on somebody who wouldn't notice the difference anyways. =)
My friend bought one from there. It plays nice even though it may not be an exact one. It's not crap if you have the right equipment. For the money it's worth not having an engraved serial number 8-)
my buddy got a guitar off this website, sunburst les paul with gold hardware. it plays as good as anything ive played at guitar center. and it sounds good to boot.
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"Please you bid" why do they make it sound like its ebay?


1 Bank Wire or Bank Transfer
2 Western Union
3 Paypal( We prefer paypal,this is the fastest way to get your item )

the 1st two payment methods seem sketchy to me

how do we know that highwaytohell13 and jccs aren't working for them.....hmmmm....
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it's so obviously not. it has no serial number.

and about the advertising- diatonic is fake. that was his only post.
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no Made in Mexico, or Original Contour logo
inlay dots are too small
dots at 12th fret are too wide apart
never seen pickup covers and tone knobs in that colour before
Fender logo is obviously fake
maple doesnt look quite right
no serial number
no stripe down back of neck
headstock is wrong
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Yeah they are fakes....you can ask him on MSN and he'll tell you.

BTW, Don't Add him, he doesn't know when to shut the hell up.
Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.

When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.

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You know you're in the drug thread when you see pictures of squash and "tuna nigga!" when you click the page.