The search is on for a new cabinet, and I desperately need the Bass Forums help. I want a stack, or the shallow and vain reason of looking professional on stage. It also requires decent power handling. My amp will push 1200 watts at 2 ohms, so under a normal stack ( two 410s or a 410 & 115) it'll push out about 600 watts. Also price is a serious factor. Please, no suggestions that go over $450. I know it's a meager price, but it's all I've got. I'm interested in 810s, 410 + 410s, 410 + 115s, 210 + 115s, and 212+ 410 (or 210). I won't shun other suggestions, but for the sake of clarity and time try to limit suggestions to these. I've already looked into Legion, Avatar, and Hartke. I am open to used goods, especially if any of you want to cut me a good price on a cab you happen to be selling. I really need to help quick, and I'm pretty desperate guys, so please help out!
Ampeg makes some really nice cabs but they're a little bit over your range in the 500-600 dollar area. You could probably find a nice 4x10 used though.
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450 is your limit for one cab?...You're interested in buying one cab atm right?

anyway, you've probably looked into the Talkbass classifieds, eBay, craigslist, and used goods at your local store so I wont bother to post any links to used stuff...unless you want me to...I've found a lot of good used stuff around the net, but alas, my brokeass cannot afford any of it...I'd be happy to pass along the info.

Maybe you can look into some Carvin cabs..
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i would go carvin used. i got my stack for 600 bucks. 1000 watt head, 4x10, 1x18.

new, they should be under your limit.
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Okay, I haven't checked the Talkbass forums, that never even crossed my mind! I can't believe I forgot that. Also, I'm not exactly sure what craigs list is, anyone care to explain?I'm off to check TB and the Carvin site.
Craigslist.com (dont forget CraigS! without the S is a porn site. me and my dad learned the awkward way )

imagine a giant internet based classifed ads site. like ebay but no auctions, just listings.

its actually GREAT for finding instruments/amps etc!
It's pretty awesome, I've been browsing it and it's a bit overwhelming. Is there any way to search it so I don't have to filter through hundreds of harmonicas and suzuki pianos to find a cab? Edit: Found the search feature......'im an idiot.
a used Ampeg SVT 8x10" cab runs about $600 at Guitar Cntr. probably can be had for $450 or $500. a used Ampeg 4x10" or 1x15" sell for about $250 each, around here. look around you're area, newspaper adds, or music shop bulliten boards.
i would only buy a cab on e-bay, if it was near enough to drive, and pick it up.