Well i hope yall like it. I just made the profile and i've gotta head out in a few minutes, i started playing guitar in March and got an electric about a month ago(american strat HSS). I know it sounds generic, but at this point in my guitar career its not exactly a bad thing to be generic is it? Tell me what you think. And bear with me, I made it with a $10 mic while it was 2 feet in front of my amp. Not the best recording.


Better than I could do it, but maybe try to minimize repeating the riffs? Maybe throw in some improvisations.

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you might wanna learn to play in time

I had a metronome going for my first like 15 takes, but you could hear it in the final versions. Annoying as hell, it is. So this is what you get.

even when i had my headphones on, the pickups in my guitar picked up the metronome sound in my ear. Sorry man.
Some people don't think blues is hard... but it is damn hard, Like Jimi Hendrix said, Blues is easy to play, but hard to feel.

If ya play any blues stuff you need lots of feeling, a way to do this is to learn all the blues scales. Just practice those over and over and it will go from dull to sounding really good if ya can get the feeling out of it.

Here is some of my stuff only the Jamming and Varry Warry are blues tunes really but others are good too I guess, I don't know I'm a heavy critic of myself ha ha. Here is my thread. http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=436688
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