Ooh, they sound pretty good. WTF though... a black metal band who just look like metalheads. It's unheard of!
Had 'Carved...' for some time now... cool stuff.
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Ordinance is pretty damn good. It's unusual for me to like black metal as well.....
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Yea, these guys fucking rock as far as I'm concerned. Stronghold... & Carved... are both amazing.
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It's just really, really good metal. Period.
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What do you think about Opeths soft singer, do you think they need that vocalist or is that wut makes them Opeth?
yea i think antithesis is ****ing amazing, theese guys are currently one of my favourite bm bands, their lyrics are excellent aswell, listen to "seraphim is dead" for example, theese guys are relly intelligent i find. carved in stigmata wounds is also a preety epic album, although i find its different to antithesis, antithesis has much more of a progressive side to it. i think this band is definately a must listen to.
whats everyoen elses views on the band?

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Very good band. Antithesis is awesome
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This is quite good, my friends.
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This is incredible. Such a spine chilling atmosphere. This really is a great find.
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