Recently I have started playing my acoustic guitar alot more, but I have discovered that I have trouble fretting after a while, and it starts to cramp my hand

Is my problem:

-I play my electric too much and should get used to the acoustic more
-I have fairly heavy strings (D'Addario bronze) and I'm not used to heavy gauge
-I am a pansy
-Action on acoustic too high
-Something else with the strings

Any help?

P.S. It is also hard to bend the strings
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you are a pansy is the answer
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Basically you're a pansy

but really it IS significantly harder to fret strings on an acoustic versus and electric. Its just something you have to work at (build up you hand muscles) and after awhile you don't even really notice
Probably a combination of all of the above :p
Generally speaking, although acoustics have softer string, they are harder on the fingers musclewise. And the electric is the other way around. Harder string, thougher on you fingertips but generally easier to play, as there is not as much tension.
So, if you've just been playing the electric for a long time, it takes some time to get used to the acoustic again.

I play about 40%/60% acoustic/electric, so I don't notice that much of a difference, but my fingers does tired alot quicker when playing the acoustic.
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Most primarily electric players prefer extra light (.11) strings on their guitar. You might try this (but be sure to find someone who knows what they're doing to play with the truss rod to avoid fret buzz). Your fingers probably need more practice, too. I don't know what your acoustic's like, but I've seen some cheap ones with obscenely high action. Acoustics are bound to have higher action than electrics, but it's worth stepping into a music store to see how the action on yours compares to the average acoustic.
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My acoustic is a Montana MT-104N. Dreadnought-styled body. Really is a cheap piece, but it gets the job done, imo. I think the action is about 1/4" at 12th fret i think.
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The actoin on ym acoustic is pretty high, too, but I got used to it after about a month. Once your muscles are good and your callusses hard, you'll have no trouble.
You might also want to look closely at your hand position. It could be that you're technique isn't as sound as you think, and this can cause cramps. It's easy to have bad posture...
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