I dont know where to even start, i guess the beginnings a good place, not sure, but im just going to put it out there and start from the beginning.

Alright, been playing bass for about a two years, and i don't mean to be all, OMFGZ I RAWK SO HRDD, but i'd say I can play a fairly mean bass. I have a warwick thumb bolt on 5 string, and right now I have Yorkville XM200TC- Bass Combo - 200w, 2x10 inch amp, but its not really cutting through with my bass for gigs. I was looking towards a Yorkville XS400H 400W Head or possibly a Yorkville XS800H 800 Watt Bass Head if I have enough money. To go with it a Yorkville XC410 Bass Cab 500 watt cab, or possibly a XC808 800 Watt cab.

Now the thing is I love my yorkville, and I've played one of these and i found out I was premature, but the thing is i know nothing about stacks, all I've ever played were combos.

I'm assuming the wattage that the head can handle is the kind of wattage from a cab it can handle, but can it handle more than one cab? Say I was to go for the 400watt head would it only be able to handle one 400 watt cab?

If its possible can someone just explain the basics of owning and buying a stack amp? I would really appreciate it .
Stacks have always confused me.. I'd like to know about this too.
f your head does 400 watts, and you bought a cab that handles 400 watts, then you are fine. if you bought a 300 watt cab, then you can still put that head on it, but i wouldnt push the amp. make sense?

i have a 1000 watt head, and my cabs can handle 1400 watts.
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So could I get a 400 watt head, and have a 1000 watt cab, and it wouldnt blow the head or anything?
No, but if you had a 400 watt RMS cab and a 1000 watt RMS head then chances are your cab is going to blow. Cabinets don't put any power into the head at all, it's the other way around.