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Hi in this game theres only going to be 5 guitar brands that i observed that everyone talks about. It's a standard guitar elimination game starts at 20 and it goes until 50 points.


Epiphone/Gibson 20

Fender 20

Ibanez 20

Jackson 20

R.I.P ''DimeBag'' Darrel Abbott

Epiphone/Gibson 22 Heal

Fender 20

Ibanez 19 Hurt

Jackson 19
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Epiphone/Gibson 22

Fender 20

Ibanez 20 heal

Jackson 18 hurt
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threadstarter can you please make this a hurt OR heal only affair cos in the other elimination thread i suggested it and all the ****heads ignored it.look at the other guitar brand elimination thread,its been going forever and is NEVER gonna end.

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Epiphone/Gibson 20

Fender 19

Ibanez 23 heal

Jackson 17 hurt with passion

Epiphone/Gibson 20

Fender 18 HURT

Ibanez 24 HEAL

Jackson 17

Epiphone/Gibson 20

Fender 19 heal

Ibanez 23

Jackson 17

sorry guys if i did it wrong i like fender plain and simple
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ESP/LTD 20 hurt

Epiphone/Gibson 20

Fender 20 heal

Ibanez 23

Jackson 17

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Epiphone/Gibson 21 HEAL

Fender 20

Ibanez 23

Jackson 17
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Epiphone/Gibson 21
Fender 19 - Hurt
Ibanez 25 - Heal
Jackson - 15 Hurt
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Epiphone/Gibson 22 HEAL
Fender 19
Ibanez 24 HURT
Jackson - 16
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Epiphone/Gibson 22
Fender 19 HEAL
Ibanez 23 HURT
Jackson - 17
No, we are not going to elinimate Fender before all the shitty bands like the other one.

Jesus I hate you guys.
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Epiphone/Gibson 22
Fender 18 HURT
Ibanez 24 HEAL
Jackson - 17
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esp/ltd 18
epiphone/gibson 22
fender 17 HURT
ibanez 25 HEAL
jackson 17

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Originally Posted by sendmeapick
you pick squires over gibsons?

thats like michael jackson over jessica alba
esp/ltd 19 HEAL
epiphone/gibson 22
fender 17
ibanez 24 HURT
jackson 17
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esp/ltd 20
epiphone/gibson 22
fender 17 HEAL
ibanez 25
jackson 15 HURT

I like epiphone/gibson and fender, but I dont want to see fender die before those other shitty brands.
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esp/ltd 20
epiphone/gibson 22
fender 16 Hurt
ibanez 25
jackson 16 Heal
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