well for example.. norma jean. and or underoath.

what can i do too get my tone and sound too sound like their guitarest?
as in what kind of pick-ups would be best.
i have a valvetronix AD50VT, what settings would be best.
what... pedals and such would be good too use?

im just curious, because i want a sound similar too theirs.

so any help would be greatly appreciated.
haha mess with your eq man
and norma jean uses 5150s mesas usually
and underoath has mesa orage and 5150 all different times ive seen em
ohhh thats actually really good too hear.
Because Mesa's were what i was looking into getting amp wise when i trade up.
Not gunna get a heavy tone like that from the AD50VT, just save up for a new amp, untill then just pretend you have there tone lmao.
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