My question:

Are there ANY good (comparible with Fender) Stratocaster Copies? Or is Fender basically all I would look at for a strat, and thats that?

I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and I can get a good Fender MIM strat for about $500 so it's no big deal, but I'm curious. Theres tons and tons of LP copies, but I never hear about any good strat copies.
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I couldn't name one, but without comparing them yourself, you wouldn't really tell, and peoples feedback might not help all that much either. I would just say, if you can get your hands on them, try them, see what you like, ortherwise, if you like the sound, get a real strat.
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Well my Austin is in NO way comparable to even a MIM Strat, but still, it has a solid alder body, maple neck/fretboard, 3 single coil pickups to emulate the 50's rock sound, wilkinson vibrato, and i got mine on sale for 345 with tax, its made in China, so MAKE SURE you test before you buy, but get it set up well, and its a sweet guitar. Mine is in tobacco sunburst...the main reason was cause i couldnt afford a decent strat, but this one caught my eye, and i loved it, so i bought it
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No one has said G&L yet. Check them out, the first time I played one I decided that I needed to own one someday.
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****ing +434391564783196473215647917649321659 holy **** these guys are teh pwnage custom shop ESP guitars **** yeh omg though the price aint that great but what do you expect ****ing custom. and Edwards as well as Grass Roots have some decent strat copies price may not be great though but still cheap as hell
tokai are the closest you will get to american strat, that , or a jap spuier from the 80s
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Warmoth Strats are sweet. Got a chance to play one not too long ago.
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