ive been playing the guitar about a year, and i guess im moderetly good. i took lessons a while back from a guy that was extremely good. he had played in a band called "stone crusifix" back in the 70s. Hes played with janis joplin and other bands and is long time friends with the guitarist from fleetwood mac. after awhile i wasnt digging the music he was teaching me since these days hes a nominal christain and sings alot of folky hebrews music. now its been months and im kinda wanting to take lessons again. i know some chords and like 2 scales. and i want to learn theory that way i can be good at improvisation cause i know nothing about it. so ill probally take lessons from this guy closer and in town thats been playing since he was like 17. ive heard he teaches alot of stuff alot of classic rock, rythem, scales, theory. and thats what im after but i heard from some people i shouldnt take lessons just keep on my own. anyone have a opionion on this?
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I would take lessons, you will thank people further on down the road, it just makes it alot easier. I would try and get Rock, or Blues lessons, cause they are fun to play, and you can still learn alot from them.
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why wouldnt takin lessons be a good idea?
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it depends i havent wanted to take lessons yet i might further on but it just seems to me that when i have to play at a certain time it almost becomes a chore, thats just my opinion tho
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