hey guys, i just want to get some opinion from you.
whta should i buy first, a good amp or a multiFX Pedal?
1. what kind of amp should i buy?
2. what is a tube amp?
3. what is an all-tube amp?

will the sound of my guitar connected to the multiFX pedal be affected by a crappy amp?

all response will be truly appreciated.

You should buy a good amp first, unless you're looking to get all your sound from the pedal then you should look at getting the pedal and a PA system but generally single pedals sound better.

Most people would ditch the MultiFX idea and just get a good amp
I have a multiFX pedal and a crap amp, and wish I bought a decent amp and some individual pedals.
Good amp, hands down.

1. It depends on what you play and what kind of sound you want.
2. An amp that is powered by tubes. More info here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tube_Amp
3. An amplifier with preamp and power tubes, no solid state circuits.

A good tube amp will give you a much better sound than a multi-fx.
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tnx for the reply!
by the way, CONNORCORE, what is a "PA System"?
thanks too 18th_angel and Chimaira!
for you guys, what brand of amp should i buy?
i play rock music but not into heavy metal!
is the marshall amp good? if not, can u give me some other suggestion?

tnx guys!
I've got a Boss GT-8 and I couldn't be happier, but the only reason I'm happy with it is because I've got a great tube amp to pump it through. Invest in quality and key components...the GT-8 is key for me for the range of tones and effects I need for various jazz/metal/space-funk/???? sounds and my Fender HRD is key for me for portability, all tube tone and the ability to plug directly into the amp and get killer rock/blues tones.

Your guitar and amp are like bookends...spend your money the right way and build something that will support anything you want to throw between them.

If you're looking into rock tones, the Fender Hot Rod Deville/Deluxe amps are great...just decide on a speaker configuration, these amps usually range from about $320 used to $700 or so new. If you want to go up-scale, the Wizard Vintage CLSC combo kills...it does the Marshall thing, but about 7.2 times better.

Any ideas about what you'd be looking into for an amp? Budget?
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If you're looking for a good amp modeling pedal, I like the Zoom G2. It's pretty hot.
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