Hoo Raa...Hoo Raa...

Yes, that song...haha

Well, to understand it completely, unless you have a great ear, you have to read the lyrics...I suggest reading them as you listen....

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It's the only song....


The men go marching round and round hoo raaa hoo raaa

The mens desires that made the fires that burn on all through the day,
Now they must sit and watch as all, of the dreams, and the schemes burn down.

The men go marching round and round hoo raa, hoo raa

The patrioticly, quite demonicly plans that built up our wall,
Watched as the freedoms promised failed, not prevailed, and our hopes fall down.

The men?.

The bells are ringing, but no ones left singing the colors have muted them all,
Now as the land of peace is mute, no dispute, as the minds back down.

The men?

The hope mutilated has left us sedated and now we all fall to the ground,
As freedom dies we sit and cry, wonder why, as our minds break down.

And, for the record...the patrioticly slanderous lyrics were intended to make the song ironic, they're not really reflecting my opinions....

Crit for crit...thanks...
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