This is one song that is divided into four parts, because it's relatively long and each part is a different sort of "movement" in the song, as it is sort of blues/progressive. You don't need to crit all of it, just one part is fine. I'd really like to know how this turned out, since it's my first draft and a bit of an experiment for me.

Oh, and I realize it's pretty cliche, so you don't need to tell me that

The Vagabond Blues (no. 1, 2, 3, and 4)

Washerwoman Blues (The Vagabond Blues no. 1):

The rain is falling on my window
The rain is falling on the ground
The rain is falling and I?m sure you know
That it?s been raining all around

Sometimes it comes in sheets
Sometimes it hammers on my door
Pounding upon the concrete
And sometimes it?ll just pour

Washerwoman, can?t you hear me
Calling from my door
Washerwoman, hear my plea
Above the raining roar

Lonely (The Vagabond Blues no. 2)

Oh, lady, if you can spare the time
Let me tell you about days before
This girl, she was a friend of mine
Maybe even a little bit more

I loved her like I never could
And I?ll never love someone the same
She brought me happiness and good
And I just loved to sing her name

But then one day the sky grew dark
And the clouds began to growl
That girl said it was time to part
As the wind, it loudly howled

Oh Washerwoman, you know I?m lonely
I?ve got to move on and forget
Pack my bags and head for the sea
With my head full of regrets

Rainy City (The Vagabond Blues no. 3)

And when I shiver in the cold
And my feet ache from the miles
I?ll remember a girl from days of old
And then I?ll smile for a while

?Coz sometimes it seems I?m alone
In this rainy city by the sea
Some days I remember I have no home
But the sky and earth and trees

The rain is falling in the streets
Washing the city clean
Washing the dreary concrete
Resting the urban routine

Sometimes the rain?s a blessing
A gift from the sky above
Sometimes it?s a fitting thing
For a wanderer in bitter love

Rainy Day Farewell (The Vagabond Blues no.4)

So here?s my story, washerwoman
I?ve told it all the way through
From the happiness when it began
To on this rainy day, so blue

The rain is falling from the sky
Grey and still and sad
Giving me comfort from up high
Though my heart cannot be glad

The rain is falling on my head
In this city of the sea and sky
It?s my only faithful friend
That cries itself bone dry

The rain is falling on my window
The rain is falling on the ground
The rain is falling and I?m sure you know
That it?s been raining all around
Dem Dry Bones
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I liked the first 2 the best, but the other ones were good too. (9 out of 10). Let me know when you put more stuff up
yea man the whole things flows beautifully in structure, and though not my style of song, i found it enjoyable to read. I like the 3rd the best, not sure why, but i just like the first part about smiling for a while...good job
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