Me and a friend (Ludwigger on UG, tho he barely goes on) have gotten ahold of a '40s era SS Stewart hollowbody.

It has a bowed neck (the kind of bow where the action around the 24th fret area is way too high) and the neck join is coming off (he says its cracked, which also brings up the point that he is keeping the guitar right now, so if you ask questions, it will take me a whiel to answer, as i have to run this all through him)

So far we're first thinking about possible fixes for the neck, or maybe if we should get a new neck, or whatever, we need a solution to the cracked and bowed neck (the crack is supposedly small but around the neck joint, tho it could be that its just coming loose, and not actually cracked, im going by what he dictates to me, so i havent seen it visually up close yet)

Any suggestions on that?

Once/If we get that fixed, we might have further plans, obvious including : string change, readjusting everything, maybe a new brige, pickguard, refinish, etc., but thats all speculation (aside from string change)
Ehh, I hope you dont care about value if you're replacing the bridge and finish.
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It's supposedly a piece of crap guitar

Even had it been in perfect condition, its supposed to be like "squier" level"

so at any rate, no we dont care about value
I have a suggestion... you might have more fun with that piece of **** by just shooting it... try that and tell us how it works out ha ha
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Ok well he says now that the neck is most likely not going to be able to be repaired, as he said that his uncle (the guy who gave him the guitar) had it professionaly repaired before, and that was less than a year ago, and problems again arose.

So i guess that mean the neck is beyond repair at this state, so:

What should we do? get a new neck, im thinking, but what should we get? a brand name neck? like see if we can see a guy who's selling set necks from old guitars or something? if so, where to look?