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Name the best bands from your hometown.

for me... (Seattle)

The Crystal Skulls
The Purrs
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The Tragically Hip.

Awesome .
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manic sewing circle, look 'em up on itunes, they're some good ska stuff, and they were at warped tour too
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Trish Stratus.
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hootie and the blowfish

ya wat. wat.
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not really from my town but the lead singer lives here, buffalo alice from somewhere in georgia, but im in oakes nd
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Over here in Denver we have The Fray
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Us, we are the only band in town. But since im a couple hours away from Seattle. Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Alice In Chains. Umm some others that arent coming to mind.
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Zygote and Rush.

Zygote is a really awesome band that lived (and jammed) down the street from my old house.
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*cries* Good Charlotte came from here.

Oh well. At least they're gone now! HAHAHAHAHAHA!
Huntsville, Alabama ;

It's between;

Thomas Function
The Counterclockwise
The Pine Hill Haints

Northstar also came from here, and so did the Snake the Cross the Crown. But those three bands are much better than any of those.
Acidbath, Down, Deadboy and Elephant man, Goat*****, and there are a few others.
Mine. Seriously. We arent even technically a band yet. Thats how small my town is.
Seattle Seahawks

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Well Pennywise came from my town so thats pretty tight I guess but thats about it. Dont really like their music but I repect what they do
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There's a few more, but i'm at uni and can't remember who's from home...
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ummm well theres killing heidi. they actually came from 15 mins away but watever.
67 special came from here.
the lazy sons came from here.
and my band will come from here
I live in a small Canadian town, and no one's really come out of here. We got a couple hometown bands, like The Philoskaphers and The Third Axis. Don't know if they'll get anywhere though.
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The Charlatans!

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Sum 41 from ajax, toronto
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Well no-one from my actual home "town". Muse are fairly local, unfortunately. And I'm sure there's a load of bands from Bristol, the only one I can think of atm is Never the Bride, who are pretty average.

EDIT: I think some members of Reef are fairly local, and I'm near Glastonbury, so I'm hoping theres someone good that I don't know of.
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My bands, Caustic Burn and The Scenario. Also, Billy Club and The Danger are pretty well known, too.
CONQUEST OF EFFIN STEEL. death to false metal.......and keane who also come from here. Actually no i like Keane
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