They sell them on ebay, and I have heard some of the worst things about some of the case manufacturers that sell on ebay, suchas "Island" cases and maybe "New York" but can't remember about Angrstrom. Any review?
I own an angstrom case at I think its really good. They have excellent customer service as well. As far as ebay cases go, you usually get what you pay for, expect to pay over $200 for a descent ata case for a head, and $400 for a 4x12 cab
I am hesitant when it comes to buying cases on Ebay. The fact that they are made of ABS plastic pannels on the outside as opposed to fiberglass doesn't flow well with me. True, for a cab that is just decent I wouldn't mind paying that price for an Ebay case, but no way in heck would I trust my head in one. I would rather pay another $250 to have it made from some good company where I know my head will be safe in.
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