That was really good.
I love the guitar part at the begining. The vocals are good too, I didn't listen close to the lyrics, but it sounded ok.
And there there is the sax solo, I really liked that one. Well, I have always had this thing for sax'es
I also like then end part. The guitar solo is just ok, nothing special.
All in all, I really liked the tune.
im likin the intro guitar alot. ah wow the vocals just kicked in, what a nice voice! damn your vocalist is great, i love the tone and quality of his voice, so warm and perfect for the song. the sax solo is an excellent, original touch. REALLY compliments the song and makes it something special. oh man when the electric guitar comes in the woahs, it rules. very afi there with the woahs haha this is sweet. epic for sure, you guys did a great job. definitely adding ya! in fact, i know a friend who would love this song.. im gonna tell him to check it out. keep up the good stuff bro. a+++
Solid recording, pretty good song too.
My only real crit of this song is that the guitar tone of the solo does not compliment the song at all. It's very thin and weak. Rhythm work is good, but that lead tone just doesn't sound good at all. Good job though.
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Well I liked the intro and you do have a really good vocalist, sounds really proffesional as well. Lol i'm listening to it as it plays and I love it *Wishes I could download it*. I like the tone of the intro guitar, I can't really tell but are there two guitars? Ok so drums just kicked in, all good. The extra guitar stops it from feeling empty, I like the sax solo, but I don't think it fits to be honest, i'd prefer an acoustic solo. And like the other guys said, the tone isnt very good, I think it needs to be heavier. All in all and good song, well wrote and recorded, just needs tweaking.
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i love this song, its amazing
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Cute guitar intro. Solid vocals: Good voice, nice vocal range.
The drums sound somewhat artificial, especially the sner. I have no experience with drum recording though, I tried once and it was really hard.

Love the sax part. Lots of emotion.

The part where the distorted guitar kicks in is very dynamic. I like the unorthodox approach at sax soloing. The part where the "ooh oooh" vocals, the distorted rhythm guitar PLUS the guitar/sax solo comes in is a bit noisy. (hard to distinguish between the various instruments.)

Overall I'd say, really cool job. Work on the drums a bit and try to clean up the solo section (the ideas are awesome, but background vox+dis. rhythm+sax/guitar solo is a bit of an overkill in my opinion.) The quality is pretty amazing, too.
Man that's really professional. maybe i'm just desentised by the metal i listen to but i think there's a bit of fire missing from there, maybe it needs mastering or some sort of equing to get it a bit more dynamic. but good quality musicians, was pretty suprised, and that sax solo was pretty random - but hey it wasn't bad.

Wasn't exactly what i'd call an epic song personally, but then again i suppose epic is whatever takes a listener and makes them feel like the biggest person in the world, so it's pretty subjective.
i really like the guitar at the start, but i think just having the chords under the vocals is a bit boring it could have been made more interesting with some subtle melodies. The vocals are awesome, i really like the singer's voice, it suits the song well. The sax really makes the song, its great addition, it makes the song sound really original. the drums blend in with the song well, personally i like to hear the drums standing out, but they worked well in this song. when the distortion comes in, it sounds awesome, but there could have been more of a build up then a big 'explosion' of sound. the woahs in the backround make it feel epic. the solo is pretty good, but nothing special, and maybe the sax could have stopped playing during the guitar solo.

Overall, an awesome song, really good sound quality, i like it