so i went to guitar center looking for bass amps, and i ended up almost buying a fender rumble 60 watt cause the salesman said it was the best i could get for 250,but i decided to do sum research, so i was wondering if anyone has this amp or has heard things about it, im just wondering if any of you know if this amp is any good, im only gonna use it for home practice in a garage so thats y i want a low wattage amp.
Not 100%, but 250 seems like a pretty good price (new, right? if it's used, no way!)

If you want a more powerful amp for the same price, used is your only option (ok not your only, but...)

I really suggest looking at your local craigslist, finding amps between 100-300W, and sending the link back here for our take on it. That is, if you're ok with getting used, and i would if i were you, but only from places like Craigslist, because 9 times out of10, your close enough to the seller to try before you buy.
yea the amp is 250 new and it has cool lights at the bottom that glow brighter the harder u play. not that i care for lights but cool nonetheless
Hey man I got the Rumble 100 watt for 300 bucks. I say go for that, its got that pimpin light at the bottom and is an extra 40 watts for only 50 more dollars. 100>60 seems like you would be saving money and not have to upgrade as early
-Ibanez Soundgear SRX3EXQM1 (yeah, long name)
-Fender Rumble 100

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i say if you are going to spend over $200 on an amp you might as well save up for a decent rig. I suggest saving up $600 - $700. That way you can get a GK backline half stack, or an ashdown half stack.
Hey Benny989 don't mind if i ask but does the 100 watt sound loud,great & most
important,can it like sound loud in an open area? i was planning to get one..still savin up.
And yeah i like that red bling-bling under the amp.thx in advance!

ps:i know i posted before in another thread bout getting a new cabinet + head,but its far
too expensive over here.thx neway.
Hey wormhole. They only place I've played it is in my room, so I haven't had it out in the open. But the tone is very good even with my crappy 100 dollar bass. Umm sometime soon I will try to get it out in the open loud, but I live in the middle of suberbia and i have cranky neighbors so that would be hard. If I do sometime soon, I will get back to you.
-Ibanez Soundgear SRX3EXQM1 (yeah, long name)
-Fender Rumble 100

A recent study shows that 92% of all teenagers have moved on to rap music. Put this in your sig if you are one of the 8% who stayed with real music.
Worm: the thing is, with gigs, how often do you gig outdoors? if you're just starting out with gigs, you're probably going to do school events (in Gyms, music rooms or w.e), small public indoor events, etc, where most things are indoor. I can safely say that a 100W amp is good enough in most indoor areas, the exception being arenas/sports venus(aka football fields), because even if you can be heard, theres not gonna be any ball shaking bass.

but most indoors gigs it can cover.

Outdoors tho, i havent tried my 100W, so i cant say, but it should handle small to medium sized outdoor gigs fine, moreso if playing on a stage with nice acoustics (in the sense that if its a wooden stage, and all the parts are touching, it acts like a giant acoustic guitar, to help the volume carry throughout: try playing your bass. Now lay it on a desk (wooden) and play it again, louder? yeah. same idea.

But to reiterate: dont worry about "is it loud enough?" if you havent even played one gig yet.
Well thx for the inputs..i mean Benny989 & Mangablade..
Benny: PM me when you get to it.Thx!!
& mangablade;What do you mean by this
if you havent even played one gig yet

LOL,i have gigged before indoors,& used my friend's for an outdoor,that is
why i wanna know if that amp is loud enough if i use it for outdoor events.But nvm,you've
got a point too.
Is a GK Backline 110 Combo worth getting. it's 70W how strong is that>?
Ah, i thought you were the threadstarter... my bad.

But yeah, it still stands, that it depends largely on what you're playing on outside.

But if youre asking "if im outside, playing on the grass (long cable to some outlet far away), and my amp is the only thing thats forcing sound out of it, is it loud enough?" Well then, for most gigs under 100 people it should be. Any bigger, you either probly will have a stage or a PA, or you might just not be loud enough. At any rate, with no stage, your just not getting much bass, you can still be heard quite easily.
Mangablade : i don't mind...cool with it..But yeah,you do have some point there,seriously.

: P
I heard all the stuff about outside..but what about inside :P
Hey h0d0g i remember you.You wanted a serious band somewhere in one of the thread
right?! Bout inside,don't worry,i've tried a few..from my room to an auditorium with a 30W.
It still sounds quite loud maybe because the sound bounces back & forth in the closed area,
LOL,some physic stuff a teacher taught.
Really? lol I jam a lot with my friends and we 've thought about getting serious. Since I don't have that much money on my hands and I just want a versatile amp---that's light. I was considering an Ashdown EB -12" but it might not be necessary. Considering all we have gigged is at a friend's party. and we're only 16
Hey h0d0g guess what,i'm only 17..i don't have lots of $$$ too that's why i gotta save
up a little...lol
Hmm,actually i thought about lightweight too when i just started out but now i realise that
power is also very important. (LOL-i learned from my past performances).No offence but imo
,it is better to suffer a few more months getting a more powerful amp than to get another
one next time.

: P
Remember guys, wattage dosnt equal power. You can safely say a 100W is louder than a 10W, and a 300W louder than a 100W, but if you take an Ampeg 100W combo, vs a Peavey 100W combo, vs a Fender 100W combo (for eg's), they'll all probably be a bit different.

Wattage equals hearoom. How loud you can go without you're sound farting/distorting/clipping etc. So even if you think "hey this room is kinda small, and the audience is like 50 people, but hot dam, my 10W amp is loud enough to hear for sure!", that does happen, but chances are you're sound sucks, just cause with a 10W amp, you cant get any bass, and if you're going 8/10+ master volume, you're probly starting to distort.

Thats why when i was looking at a Carvin 1000W head/stack/combo (lookin at em al lol), i wasnt looking for something ridiculously loud, just something that had the headroom. The quieter volumes of the amp you play at, the nicer the sound. The exception is with natural overdrive of guitar amps lol.

But if you have to ask: i played in a Gym that has a full size basketball court, a little edging around, and on one side big bleachers (telling you the size of the gym), there were like ... 500 people? i used a 10W amp, and i was playing on maybe 6/7 master volume, doing a slap / fingerstyle solo for my concert band's funk piece. And yes, i was loud enough.
Wow you're like my new idol mangablade...so what do you think of a GK Backline 110 ---it's pretty cheap down under---but is a 10" speaker too small?
well... i havent dealth with the backline in particular, but i have heard good reviews.. but...

its a 1x10.. you're not going to get a lot of bass out of that. Most practice amps are 10W and 8" speaker (some 10") , so even if you can get louder, youre not going to get much bassier.. It's not even a big issue about volume if as you say you wont gig big places at ALL, but its still a big issue of tone, You're going to sound bad if all you can hear is mids and treble but no bass.

i would, myself, for minimums, go either: 1x12, 1x15, 2x10, and REALLY pushng it :2x8 (tho i havent seen those in combo's yet)