What would be a good wireless system for my guitar? I don't know much about them. I guess my budget is $300?
samson, but if your concerned with tone stay with cables.
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ive noticed that a good wireless system that wont cut tone is atleast $600, but there are some in your range that are decent, Shure, Samson, and suprisingly Nady i was impressed
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They cut tone man...............
Tone is all ...... well probably 75%, in your fingers.
The rest depends on your wallet's thickness !!

Keep the faith, baby!!
you may say wireless systems cut tone but i have never noticed this problem, i have the AKG Guitar Bug, and i dont notice a change between using that and a cable.....
Try playing like 5 meters away, with a full band !!!
Tone is all ...... well probably 75%, in your fingers.
The rest depends on your wallet's thickness !!

Keep the faith, baby!!
ive played about 30 metres away, with a band.... no problems.... ive also played next to my amp.... no problems.....
Unless you're going to play gigs or have a huge practice spot for your band, wireless is pretty useless. And with wireless, you're going to be taking a hit to your tone unless you shell out the big bucks for an expensive wireless system. The tone change isn't drastic, but it's definately there, and you'll find that you'll have to make adjustments to your amp settings to counteract the tone loss.

And also, cheaper wireless systems have tendency to get interference from external sources like light systems at shows or other electrical components connected to the same circuit. Chances are, if you're playing a small stage with lights a few feet overhead, you will get interference from the lighting. But unless the venue is REALLY badly wired, the effect should be minimal.

But for recording or home practice, you're much better off with cables than wireless.
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